Japan Society of Library and Information Science

On June 8, 2019, Sam attended the Japan Society of Library and Information Science

Spring Research Meeting (http://jslis.jp/events/spring-research-meeting/) at Teikyo University, Tokyo. He met a number of information science academic and professionals including two ASIS&T members, Dr. Yukiko Sakai 酒井 由紀子 from The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research and Professor Keiko Kurata from Keio University.

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Mitsuhiro Oda (President, Japan Society of Library and Information Science) introduced Sam to the group. Sam then participated in a number of talks such as the information use habits of public library patrons, machine learning, and helping students to increase their reading abilities.

(left to right) Dr. Yukiko Sakai , Sam, and Professor Mitsuhiro Oda

The talks were interesting and the participants were very engaged during the Q&A periods. Sam managed to give a couple of comments that appeared well-received by the speakers and the audience, in particular, during Ms Yuka Sugimoto’s presentation “helping students to increase their reading abilities”. Ms Sugimoto gave an overview of all nine editions of the book “How to increase reading ability” by A.J. Harris, which inspired her upcoming research project that aims to improve students’ reading abilities.

Drawing from experience, Sam suggested that Ms. Sugimoto could also look into enhancing students’ reading interest, motivation and habits. Sam continued that the speaker may consider examining intervention strategies facilitated by technologies such as digital gamified learning. Since Japan is so famous in creating games, Sam suggests that the speaker can consider to examine how may various game elements help increase students’ reading interest and ability.