Meeting Dr Hitoshi Kamada at Kyoto Notre Dame University

On June 10, 2019, Sam met Dr. Hitoshi Kamada (a member of ASIS&T) at Kyoto Notre Dame University where Hitoshi serves as an associate professor in the Department of Japanese and Global Cultures. Hitoshi has worked as an academic librarian in the US for over 10 years and he’s been teaching academic librarianship for several years, among other course, and thus made himself an expert in academic librarianship.

Hitoshi shared that he attended ASIS&T AM in Seattle in 2014. Since then, he hasn’t been able to join due to the cost and the time it takes to attend the AM. He also expressed a desire to meet experts in information science coming from overseas.

Sam has helped organized 5 successful information science-related regional events in the past few years – two with ASIS&T (one for training up research students in 2017 and an ASIS&T AP conference held in Cambodia in Jan 2019); one with iSchools (held the annual iSchools AP meeting in Hong Kong in 2017 together with a 2-day training on data science for information professionals); and two with University of Illinois’ iSchools in offering 2 Summer/Winter Institutes on data science. With his experience in organizing conferences and related events, Sam suggested to Hitoshi that he can work with him and other Japanese ASIS&T members to organize a regional ASIS&T AP conference to be held in Japan in June 2021. He offered to start meeting about this in late August or early September this year.

Since Kyoto is a world famous tourist attraction place, Sam suggested to Hitoshi that he can consider writing a project/research proposal on tourist information seeking behaviour. With his experience in gamifying learning for kindergartners, primary and secondary school students and university students, Sam further suggested that he can help with a project/research proposal regarding tourist education.

Sam found his visit to Tokyo and Kyoto and his discussions with various ASIS&T members and other information science professionals very fruitful!