Dr. Chu gave a speech on “Pursuing Dreams” in High table dinner.

At this talk, I shared with around 300 students and alumni of Swire Hall, where I serve as the warden, one of my dreams – to help millions of students in underdeveloped places to be able to learn happily and effectively through my gamified learning pedagogies.

My recent talk at Nanning, mainland China ended with a request from close to 300 teachers from around 300 schools that they want to use the simplified Chinese version of my gamified learning platform, “Reading Battle”. Reading Battle is a cross-disciplinary gamification platform that harnessed knowledge from the field of information and library science, e-Learning (digital gamified learning in particular), children’s literature, motivation psychology, and computer science.  To tackle this enormous task, I plan to set up a social enterprise to help students in these schools. Many of them belong to low-income families. This can eventually lead to an organization that can help numerous children worldwide. The project needs lots of volunteers/partners and you are invited to join me in this meaningful endeavor!

For details of my talk, see the ppt below: