Dr. Chu is truly an international person. Born and raised in Hong Kong until 19 years old before moving to Canada, he obtained 2 degrees (Bachelor of Commerce & Master of Library Science) from the University of British Columbia and worked there for more than 3 years. He further completed a PhD in Education and e-Learning from the Institute of Education, University College London in the U.K. and another PhD in Information and Library Science from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). He is a frequent world traveler. He has given keynotes/talks at over 60 universities and conferences across the globe, and thoroughly enjoys flying around the world several times a year.

Dr. Chu is currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and was the Head of the Division of Information and Technology Studies from 2013-2016. He has a PhD in Education and e-Learning from the Institute of Education, University College London, and a PhD in Information and Library Science from HKU. His areas of expertise include gamified learning, 21st Century Skills and Social Media in Education. He has been involved in over 60 research projects with funding totaling US$7,860,269. He has published more than 300 publications with over 70 articles appearing in international academic journals, including leading journals in the area of e-Learning, information and library science, school / academic librarianship and knowledge management.

Dr. Chu is a Co-Editor for the journal Information and Learning Sciences, and has been the Managing Editor for the Journal of Information & Knowledge Management (2015-2018) and the Associate Editor for Online Information Review (2012-2016). He is also a Member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Panel of the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, overseeing the most prestigious research grants in HK, as well as a Member of the Curriculum Development Council Committee on Learning Resources & Support Services, Hong Kong Education Bureau (HKEB).

Dr. Chu has received a number of awards including the Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award in 2013, Faculty’s Knowledge Exchange Award in 2016 and Excellent Health Promotion Project Award from the Food and Health Bureau in 2017. He is the world’s 66th highest contributor to publications in library and information science from 2007-2012 and has achieved an h-index of 28. He has been a Consultant for UNESCO Bangkok, HKEB, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education Asia, and is serving as the Chair of ASIS&T Asia-Pacific Chapter (2018-2019). He is also an Advisor for EdTech startups at HK Science and Technology Park.

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